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Vicar's letter

The vicar's letter found here is a duplicate of the letter found in our parish magazine, which is now published every 2 months instead of monthly.  

Vicar’s letter (August 2020)

Dear reader

I hope that in these continuous uncertain times, you may know our faithful God sustaining you day by day. As I look back over another month, I’m thankful to God for his daily kindness and grace – both for my family and for the church family at St Catherine’s.

It was with great joy that St Catherine’s was once again able to meet for a service together in the church building on July 12th, in line with government guidelines. There was plenty of social distancing and hand sanitiser but, sadly, no singing. However, it was still so good to meet together and see people once again. However, I’m also aware that at this time it’s not possible for everybody to attend a service due to their particular circumstances. It’s a very individual decision.

How do we handle that? Having two groups - those able to come and those prevented from doing so or deciding to wait a little longer - is the opposite of what we want but may be our reality for some time to come. I shared recently with the PCC and also with the church family this verse from Romans 12:15 that a friend helpfully wrote about it: “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” Essentially Paul is saying this - don’t let your mind focus solely on your own situation. Instead, think about what is happening to others and identify with them.

For those who have to stay home on Sundays, it may feel hard perhaps to see pictures of others together in the church building or hearing about it. But can I plead with them? Don’t let that turn into bitterness and resentment - rejoice with those who have the opportunity to meet together again. But it is also important for those of us who are able to meet not simply to enjoy that and give no thought to those who would love to be with us. That’s part of mourning with those who are mourning. We need to remember that the church is not just those who are there on Sunday. That’s why my aim is to keep doing an audio service and continue doing a video thought for the day. So that we can keep including everybody as much as possible.

Of course that verse is capable of much wider application. In church life almost every piece of good news for somebody (such as a new job, a new relationship) is simultaneously a reminder for others of what they long for but don’t have. The way through those times is for those who feel they may be missing out to look to rejoice in the blessing God has given others. Meanwhile, those who have been blessed should show sensitivity to those for whom life is tough. That’s all part of not thinking primarily of ourselves but of others. Paul goes on to say in v16: “Live in harmony with one another”.

Love for another means we enter deeply into the experiences and emotions of our brothers and sisters in Christ and feel solidarity with them. We do that because we are indwelt by the Spirit of Jesus - the one who above all else focused on others and not his own situation. So, as our verse of the year from Hebrews 12:2 encourages us, we seek to fix our eyes on Jesus - and be like Him as we respond to the different joys and frustrations that we will experience.

If you’re reading this and would like to join us for our morning service at 11am (our evening service has not yet restarted) please do contact me. I can then let you know what to expect on attending our services and the measures that everyone needs to follow. Otherwise, please do listen in to our audio services, which you can find on our website each Sunday here -

Keep on going with Jesus!

Best wishes


Vicar’s letter (July 2020)

Dear reader


It goes without saying that these last three or four months have been very strange times, indeed traumatic for so many.  Whether it’s the pain of bereavement, the uncertainty over jobs and education or the isolation of lockdown, we have all felt stretched in many ways.


Here at St Catherine’s, we had the deep sadness of the death of Tony Keating in April, through coronavirus.  There is a tribute to Tony’s vibrant life and faith elsewhere in the magazine.  Please do pray for Tony’s wife Christine and his children Becky and Kevin.  It’s at such times that our resurrection hope in Jesus Christ burns brightly within us and sustains us in dark moments.


We have had to adjust to new ways of doing church.  Of course, we’ve not been able to meet in the church building, but church life and ministry continues.  Sunday services have now become audio services, like podcasts, which are found on our website, ( with order of services and powerpoint slides e-mailed out.  It’s been good to hear of a few people who don’t regularly attend St Catherine’s listening in.


We’ve all discovered the world of Zoom, which I certainly have not heard of before!  That’s been a great way to hold meetings, whether home groups, prayer meetings, church quizzes or PCC.  Our church Whats app group has been a good encouragement to many.  I’ve been posting a daily video thought for the day for the group, which has then been put on our new Youtube channel.  Why not take a look if you’ve not seen them yet -


Charlotte, our young people and families’ worker, has been doing a fantastic job of keeping in touch with everyone.  Whether its Youtube videos for the Cheeky Monkey or Explore groups or Zoom meetings for teenagers, she’s continued to share the good news of Jesus with all the groups.


Of course, many events and activities have sadly been cancelled.  In the last magazine I was writing about the forthcoming series of evening meetings, under the title “More to Life”, organised by the Wirral Gospel Partnership.  Obviously, this couldn’t continue but the speaker, Glen Scrivener, has kindly agreed to come at a similar time next year - Monday 22nd to Friday 26th March 2021.


Perhaps you’re someone who has found yourself thinking more deeply about life during the pandemic.  Maybe you’ve asked yourself the question, “Is there more to life”, when all the normal activities, whether work, meeting with others, even watching football, have ceased.  What is life really about?  Why not take a look at this website to help you find hope in these difficult days.


The Prime Minister has this week said that places of worship can reopen for church services from July 4th.  However, at the time of writing (June 26th), the Church of England are still waiting for guidance from the government on this.  Whenever we do reopen St Catherine’s will make sure that we comply with all the necessary guidance.  We will have to adjust for a while to the Sunday morning service feeling very different.  It will still be good to gather together.  For those, for understandable reasons, unable to return immediately, I will continue to do audio services.


In a rapidly changing world it has been good to reflect that Jesus does not change.  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).  I hope that during these last few months of lockdown we’ve been able to take time to look to Jesus, to call out to him in prayer, to read his word.  The Lord Jesus, who himself knew all the suffering of the cross, is the one who promises to be with us in distress and gives us eternal hope for our future.  


Best wishes


Vicar’s letter – March & April 2020

Dear reader


Our verse for 2020 is from Hebrews 12:1-2, “let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith”.   We want to encourage one another to fix our eyes on Jesus because we believe there is “more to life than meets the eye”.   Life can be shaped by what we think about religion, money, fame, self-worth, and choices. But is this where it ends? Is there more beneath the surface of the things that identify us? The Bible tells us there is.


From Monday March 30th to Friday April 3rd the Wirral Gospel Partnership have organised a series of evening meetings under the title, “More to Life”.   More to Life poses the question, “Is there more to life than meets the eye?” Each evening the evangelist Glen Scrivener will explore an identity marker that gives shape to life. He will either interview someone or talk through the fresh perspective the Bible gives in these areas.  Is there more to life? “Yes there is,” is the simple answer.


Originally from Australia, Glen has lived in the UK for more than half his life.  Glen is passionate about people meeting Christ and equipping Christians to share their faith.  He’s often found speaking at Churches and Universities, in the studio producing online media or in his office, writing books and other evangelistic material.  


Our programme begins with a warm-up event on Sunday 1st March 2020 called “More to Life than Politics: An evening with Fiona Bruce MP”.  St Catherine’s is hosting this event and it begins at 6.30pm.  Fiona Bruce is the MP for Congleton and a key member of the Christians in Parliament group.  Fiona will be interviewed about her Christian faith and how this makes a difference to her life and work.  


Glen then joins us for the last week of March, where the events are as follows (all start at 7.30pm):

Mon, 30th March: “More to Life than Religion” (at St Catherine’s)

Is religion a good thing or a bad thing? To some it’s boring; to others simply irrelevant. Still other people are concerned about abuses, power, money, control, and brain-washing. Is there more to life than we think?


Tue, 31st March: “More to Life than Money” (at St Andrew’s, Bebington)

How much money is enough? Wirral is home to both the ease of wealth and the pressures of poverty. But we could all do with a bit more money, couldn’t we?  Glen will interview Mark Mitchell, Birkenhead-born Christian founder of Mitchell Motor Group with its £50m annual turnover.


Wed, 1st April: “More to Life than Fame” (at St Andrew’s, Bebington)

Our culture is obsessed with celebrity and fame, offering short-cuts to glory via X-factor, sport, and even baking!  Glen will interview Fiona Hendley, former stage and screen actress, and wife of Manfred Mann’s Paul Jones, about her unique, Christian perspective on the lives of the rich and famous.


Thur, 2nd April: “More to Life than Self-Worth” (at Holy Trinty, Spital)

Social media has many strengths, but it’s also a place where our modern crises of self identity, self worth, sexuality, body image, idols and comparisons are on display. Shouldn’t we celebrate who we are – or don’t we really know?  This event will be particularly well suited to teenagers and young adults.


Fri, 3rd April: “More to Life than Choice” (at Holy Trinity, Spital)

Have it your way: Burgers, designer babies, cars, careers, sex, gambling, shopping, and banking – we demand freedom of choice as a right. And add to the list: Religion. The exclusive claims of Jesus Christ simply don’t fit our world. What needs to give?


This is a great opportunity to bring someone to a relaxed evening that will encourage friends and family to think further about who Jesus is and why he is important.  It would be great to see you at one of these evenings – so you can see why Jesus can really does make a difference to your life!


Best wishes.